Dairy and Cheese Processing Solutions

Cleaning and Sanitation for Dairy and Cheese Manufacturing

The list of priorities for your processing plant probably starts with cleaning and sanitation. Of course, food safety and quality are equally important, and you want the best manufacturing technology to manage your operation.

Ecolab does it all. Our solutions help you drive measurable improvements and produce safe, high-quality milk, cheese, ice cream and yogurt. We have the expertise you need and are ready to partner with you.

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Optimizing Dairy and Cheese Production

When your brand and your products are at stake, you need an experienced partner—and that's Ecolab. We've been in business since 1923, and we've developed innovative products all along the way. We're here to help you produce quality products efficiently, responsibly and profitably. Learn what an Ecolab partnership can do for you.

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High-performance sanitizer for organic operations

Active OX+™

A high-performance sanitizer for organic operations: Active OX+™ is US-OMRI listed as a no-rinse food contact sanitizer in organic production, and it destroys biofilms with a high-antimicrobial efficacy.

Healthy and Sanitized Food

Synergex™ Sanitizer and Disinfectant

Effective on virtually all surfaces and CIP applications, Synergex™ is a powerful—and patented—sanitizer and disinfectant designed specifically for food and beverage processing.

FSQ Supervisor Platform

New technology from a trusted source: The Ecolab Food Safety and Quality Supervisor platform helps drive performance through benchmarking, trends and data analysis.

Men Analyzing CIP Information

3D TRASAR™ Technology

3D TRASAR™ Technology for clean-in-place is a diagnostic tool that verifies key parameters for every CIP wash and alerts you when any wash step deviates specification.

Clean In Place Solutions

Clean-in-Place Solutions

Reduce water and energy consumption with Ecolab's CIP products and systems. We can custom-engineer a system that accommodates your specific requirements and delivers operational savings and consistent results.

AccuPro™Chlorine Dioxide Program

AccuPro™ Chlorine Dioxide Generation Equipment

Address regulatory requirements and increasing production demands with the AccuPro™ chlorine dioxide program. It offers on-site generation of chlorine dioxide plus real-time monitoring and control of system performance results.

Ultrasil 09 product image

Ultrasil™ 09 NPE-Free Surfactant

Promote food safety while protecting your membrane investment. Ultrasil™ 09 is a surfactant that provides effective fat removal, lets you eliminate NPEs completely from the membrane cleaning process and can improve membrane capacity and throughput.


Optimize Cheese Processing Efficiencies

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Cheese and Dairy Membrane Solutions

Partner with Ecolab to help extend membrane life, increase productivity and optimize your cheese manufacturing operation. Ecolab has the industry’s largest global team of membrane experts, unmatched in both number and years of experience. Our continued focus and investment help keep customers on the cutting edge of technology as membranes play an increasingly important and complex roll in cheese and dairy processing.

Dairy Membrane Solutions

Ultrasil™ Membrane Care Program

Our Ultrasil™ Membrane Care program expertly combines alkaline, acid and patent-pending enzyme cleaners in order to help cheese and dairy manufacturers improve their operations and food quality. Learn more about the chemistry behind our membrane cleaning products and how we can help you improve membrane performance, prolong membrane life and increase cheese and whey output.

Training and CIP for Dairy Processing

Learn how our solutions can help you solve your challenges.

Students in Ecolab Training Programs

Ecolab Training

Our training solutions are designed to help protect your customers, your reputation and your bottom line. We offer virtual and classroom training plus specialized, onsite support.

Clean Out of Place Solutions

CIP for Milk, Dairy and Cheese Processing

Ecolab invented Clean-in-Place technology. Our experienced team can help you reduce operational costs and enhance food safety programs.

Featured Solutions for Dairy Farms

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Dairy Farm Cleaning and Sanitation Solutions

Ecolab partners with you to run a productive operation while keeping herd health, milk quality and profitability top of mind. We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions and service including teat dips, CIP solutions, personalized technical support and training and a variety of specialty products.

Dairy Farm Solutions

Ecolab is advancing milk quality through industry leading service and expertise.

We offer:

  • Udder Hygiene Solutions
  • CIP Solutions
  • Technical Support and Training
  • Specialty Products

Dairy Quality Enhancement Program (QEP)

The Dairy Quality Enhancement Program (QEP) by Ecolab is proven more effective than traditional cleaning at reducing spore counts for higher product quality.

Our Dairy Processing Solutions

We offer a range of comprehensive solutions to help our customers improve food safety, sustainability and operational efficiency in beverage production and processing. Learn how our comprehensive solutions can help you solve your challenges.

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Dairy Processing Customer Success Stories

Learn how we support our customers with dairy plant cleaning procedures, milk production efficiency, optimized cheese processing and more.

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