Fluid Dairy Processing

Optimize Every Access of Your Dairy Processing Plant

From process water to sanitation, wastewater treatment to pest elimination — whatever the challenge may be, we’re ready to help. Our fluid dairy processing solutions can help you drive measurable improvements in the processing and delivery of safe, high-quality milk, ice cream and yogurt. If you are looking for services and solutions for whey and cheesing processing, visit our Whey and Cheese solutions page.

Partnering to Produce Safe Food & Beverages

Our goal together is to help our food and beverage customers with their biggest challenges — from extending shelf-life to reducing microbial growth. We can help you produce quality dairy products efficiently, responsibly and profitably. Learn more about what an Ecolab partnership can do for you.

Dairy Processing Plant Schematic
Healthy and Sanitized Food
Synergex™ EPA-Registered Sanitizer and Disinfectant

Synergex is a U.S. EPA-registered, mixed-PAA based sanitizer and disinfectant for food contact surfaces that helps food and beverage manufacturers better ensure food safety and quality and enhance workplace safety.

Men Analyzing CIP Information
3D Trasar™ Technology
3D TRASAR Technology for CIP is a diagnostic tool to verify key parameters for every clean-in-place (CIP) wash and alerts you when any wash step deviates specification.
CIP Technical Expert Inspecting Cleaning Equipment
CIP Solutions
Optimize your CIP process to help reduce water and energy consumption through our range of CIP products and engineered systems. We can find solutions that work. We can custom-engineer a system that accommodates your specific requirements and delivers operational savings and consistent results.
Safe and High-Quality Food and Healthy Children
FSMA & You: What You Need to Know

The Food Safety Modernization Act focuses on preventing contamination and lowering the risk of food safety emergencies. Ecolab has the resources you need to help you comply, including specialized training, innovative cleaning and sanitation programs and world-class service.


Dairy Processing Customer Success Stories

Learn how we solved challenges for our food and beverage processing customers.

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Our Dairy Processing Solutions

Learn how our solutions can help you solve your challenges.

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Ecolab Training

Comprehensive food safety training solutions are designed to help protect your customers, your reputation and your bottom line. From e-Learning and classroom training to specialized, onsite support, your business will benefit from our world-class expertise.

Clean Out of Place Solutions
Equipment & Engineering Services

Ecolab invented Clean in Place (CIP) technology. Our experienced team can help you reduce operational costs and enhance food safety programs.