Advancing Sustainable Climate Solutions

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Reducing Energy Use, Emissions and Costs Through Smart Water Management

With green technologies and smart water management solutions that
deliver significant water and energy savings, Ecolab is supporting
companies fighting climate change by helping them reduce emissions
and achieve more efficient and sustainable operations.


Ecolab Water for Climate

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Meeting Your Climate Goals Through the Power of Water

Our impactful program, Ecolab Water for Climate, is designed to help you accelerate progress toward your climate goals by reducing water usage across your enterprise and quantify its impact on energy, greenhouse gas emissions, and the bottom line.

Climate Expertise

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Water Management Programs

Protect your business from water quality issues to help improve operational efficiency, ensure guest satisfaction and advance sustainable operations.

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Clean-in-Place Testing and Assurance

Use actionable data and corrective recommendations to improve product quality, increase energy efficiency and lower operating costs.


Performance Monitoring

Gain unmatched insight into critical asset performance to help deliver a step change in production and asset reliability and profitability throughout your entire operation.

A picture of the Ecolab Global Intelligence Center (EGIC) in Pune, India

System Monitoring

The Ecolab Global Intelligence Center monitors water systems 24-7, ensuring the highest level of expertise is always there to monitor and protect customer systems.

By 2030, we aim to help customers avoid the generation of 6 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually, preventing nearly 10 million pollution-related illnesses.

iiot platform

ECOLAB3D™ IIoT Platform​

OMNI Analytics is powered by ECOLAB3D. ECOLAB3D is an IIoT platform designed to collect data from monitoring systems, automation tools and more in order to gain enterprise visibility, data-driven insights and prescriptive performance recommendations. Combined with our industry leading services and field expertise, customers on the ECOLAB3D IIoT platform improve performance, manage risk, deliver value and more.

Learn more about Ecolab's safe and secure cloud-based IoT and IIoT Platform.

Climate Solutions

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Our Expertise in Action

Reducing Emissions Through Smart Water and Energy Use

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2030 Positive Impact

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Water Resilience Coalition

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