Safe Food is Essential to Life

Why is Food Safety Important?

Today’s food supply chain stretches across borders and oceans. As it grows longer and more complex, the need for proper food sanitation and foodborne illness prevention increases. To ensure food is safe, businesses around the world are aiming to implement proactive, effective food safety solutions from farm to fork; Ecolab can help them find the right solutions.

Safe Food Production

Ecolab supports our customers’ commitment to food safety by providing products, services and expertise to eliminate foodborne pathogens, improve food cleanliness and sanitation, and keep food safe in processing plants, restaurants and foodservice locations, and food retail businesses.

Innovative Food Safety Technologies

Our innovative food safety solutions allow our customers to be more strategic and proactive by using data monitoring and real-time, actionable insights to protect against food sanitation challenges while improving product quality and speeding operations.


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Food Safety Success Stories

Learn how Ecolab partners with food industry customers to prevent foodborne illnesses with our food safety and sanitation technologies.

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Food Safety Innovations

Explore our food safety technologies and innovations that can help your organization manage food safety risks and solve food sanitation needs.

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Food Safety Resources

Ecolab provides food safety management tools, resources, experts and technologies to prevent foodborne pathogens and ensure food safety.

Avian Influenza
Controlling Foodborne Pathogens That Make People Sick

Learn about a variety of bacteria and viruses that are related to food or can cause foodborne illness.  These detailed fact sheets provide background information on each microbial risk, the symptoms it causes, and how it is transmitted and controlled.

Food Safety and Public Health Experts

With hundreds of scientists studying food safety problems and solutions, we understand the role food safety plays at key points across the supply chain.

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Food Safety Webinars

Our free web presentations feature food industry, academic, regulatory and culinary experts presenting topics surrounding the diverse aspects of food safety.

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Kay Protect™

KAY PROTECT combines digital checklists, remote temperature management and push communications to provide quick and easy access to information delivering a broad food safety overview of your quick service restaurant operation.

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Techstars Farm to Fork Accelerator

Co-funded by Ecolab and Cargill in partnership with Techstars, the program identifies entrepreneurs and start-up companies from around the world who have innovative ideas focused on food safety, the food supply chain, food tech, farm productivity and waste management.

Vegetables treated with safe food produce, Antimicrobial Fruit and Vegetable Treatment.
Antimicrobial Fruit And vegetable Treatment

Washing your fruits and vegetables in AFVT gives them a cleaner, brighter look and ensures you’re covered against any food safety risks.

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Advance Your Food Safety Program

Discover our best practices, checklists, compliance updates, quick tips, and whitepapers from our industry experts to help enhance your food safety culture.

Food Safety Perspectives

Learn more from our Experts and Leaders about how Ecolab is addressing the current and future food safety concerns of your industry.

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Protecting the Food Supply Chain From Farm to Fork

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Ecolab has expertise at many points along the food supply chain - from farm to fork - in a variety of industries. Our food safety and sanitation services keep your customers safe from foodborne illness - from the plants used to manufacture food to the grocery stores and restaurants where it's purchased and consumed. Our aim is to develop a robust and lasting partnership - built on trust and expertise - to elevate your food safety reputation.

Learn more on how we partner with your sector below.

Food & Beverage Processing

There's nothing more vital than the world's food supply. And our appetite for finding better food manufacturing solutions is never-ending. We can help optimize every aspect of your food or beverage processing operation and deliver measurable improvements in operational efficiency, plant sustainability and product safety.

Food Retail

Our expertise in the Food Retail industry is built on enhancing customer experience through comprehensive solutions for food safety, quality assurance and clean, sanitized operations. Our food retail solutions help supermarket, warehouse and big box chains ensure thorough cleaning, but also greatly simplify the cleaning process and provide savings to their bottom line through the use of less labor, water and energy.


Our restaurant customers need ways to ensure their vegetables, fruits, ice and other food products won't make people sick. Our programs ensure guest satisfaction and enhance your brand through solutions that protect food safety, improve efficiency and deliver exceptional clean throughout your foodservice operation.

food pest elimination
Pest Elimination

We are committed to a higher standard. Ecolab goes beyond pest control, putting our expertise to work every day to solve the industry’s most complex pest challenges. Through out proactive people and innovative spirit, we protect you today, while advancing new and better solutions to protect your tomorrow.

Food Safety Videos

Watch videos that demonstrate Ecolab’s commitment to food safety.

Enhancing Food Safety for an aging Population

As the world’s population ages, so too does the demand for long-term care facilities that foster a healthy environment for seniors. Ecolab provides solutions to long-term care facilities to help reduce the spread of infection, ensure food safety and improve operational efficiency and sustainability.

Antimicrobial Fruit and VeGatable Treatment

Recent studies have shown when produce is washed in water alone, that process does not remove enough of the pathogens that can cause foodborne illness. AFVT no-rinse produce wash can reduce 99.9% of the pathogens E. coli, Listeria and Salmonella in product wash.

Food Safety Solutions

Learn how our food safety solutions help our customers eliminate pests, reduce water consumption, improve food sanitation and ensure food safety across industries.

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