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Active OX+™

Protect Quality while Driving CIP Efficiency

Active OX+™ (EPA Reg. No. 1677-275) is a US-OMRI listed, no-rinse food contact sanitizer that empowers organic production operations to do more with less. Advanced formulation delivers a low, broad efficacy range and enables digitized, real-time conductivity monitoring, allowing plants to confidently achieve high quality standards while reducing CIP (clean-in-place) downtime and using less chemistry, water and energy.

Supporting Outcomes that Matter

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Enhanced Quality

Gain peace of mind with a broad use concentration range, no-rinse sanitizer efficacy against biofilms and a conductive formula allowing for real-time digital-driven monitoring and control.

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Simplify Operations
and Drive Efficiencies

Optimize chemistry, water and energy usage with concentrated formula that achieves effective sanitization with up to 50% less chemistry.* Streamline CIP with an organic-certified sanitizer that can be used across all production lines.

* Compared to Oxonia Active (EPA Reg. No. 1677-129)

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Increase Productivity and Performance

Cut downtime and increase productivity by employing a no-rinse sanitizer with improved solubility that can significantly reduce the need for acid washing.

High-performance sanitizer for organic operations

A Modern, High-performance Sanitizer for Organic Operations

  • Organic Certification
    US-OMRI listed for use as a no-rinse food contact sanitizer in organic production
  • Destroy Biofilms
    High antimicrobial efficacy at relatively low use concentrations
  • Low-pH Formulation
    High antimicrobial approved and mineral solvency
  • Conductive
    Compatible with fully automated, real-time concentration monitoring and controls
  • Quick-Connect Drum Probe
    Simple drum changes and reduced employee exposure


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A Full Range of Organic-friendly CIP Solutions

Active OX+TM is a powerful component of Ecolab’s comprehensive portfolio of CIP solutions for organic food and beverage production operations.

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Customized CIP Solutions

Our teams work with you to custom-engineer a cleaning and sanitation program that addresses your unique food safety and operational challenges.

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Advanced Chemistry

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Innovative Technology

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Science-Based Expertise

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Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI)

Active OX+™ is US-OMRI listed for use as a no-rinse food contact sanitizer in organic production.

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