Dairy Quality Enhancement Program (QEP)

The Dairy Quality Enhancement Program (QEP) by Ecolab is proven more effective than traditional cleaning at reducing spore counts for higher product quality. The program also extends production time and helps you improve your processes with chemistry, high-temp cleaning and sanitizing practices. QEP is a proven approach to producing higher-quality products consistently without costly system investments.

Free Discovery, Evaluation and Customized Plan

Contact us to have an Ecolab representative partner with you to evaluate your needs and propose a customized plan to meet your goals. This program is offered globally, but for a limited time, US facilities can receive a complimentary customized plan.


What to Expect from the QEP Enhanced CIP Process:

  1. Powerful pre-treatment: Achieve cleaner, shinier surfaces that can be more easily sanitized by removing tough soils and biofilm from heated surface process equipment
  2. Better sanitizing: QEP’s fast-acting sanitizer step helps kill spores and vegetative cells of bacteria, yeast and molds
  3. Ecolab’s World Class Service and expertise

Spore Reduction: Powdered Milk Case Study

A powdered milk customer was unable to meet low-spore infant formula export requirements consistently. Learn how QEP helped them achieve their low-spore quality target for their entire 20-hour run and increase their sales by approximately $15 million.


Extended Production: Powdered Milk Case Study

A powdered milk customer was experiencing very low productivity due to inconsistent product quality results. Learn how QEP helped them reduce inspections and manual cleaning – extending production time by 150%.


Increased Production Capacity: Cheese Case Study

A cheese producer customer was struggling to control quality defects and increase production capacity. Learn how QEP helped them eliminate a once-necessary mid-day wash and thus add 1.5 hours of production/day, reduce spore-related defects and improve their cheese quality, produce an additional 2.5 million pounds of cheese annually and increase revenue by approximately $6 million.
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Synergex™ Sanitizer and Disinfectant

Improve product quality and safety with Synergex™, a U.S. EPA-registered, mixed peracid based sanitizer and disinfectant. Effective on virtually all surfaces and clean-in-place (CIP) applications, Synergex can help you improve productivity while reducing your environmental impact.

World Class Service

Experience the Ecolab difference. As your trusted partner, we provide a unique combination of world-class service, total impact solutions and unsurpassed industry expertise.