Sanitizing Wash 'n Walk

Sanitizing Wash 'n Walk No-Rinse Drain and Floor Cleaner /Sanitizer provides total management of floors and drains in a single product. The enzyme based floor cleaner formula provides immediate cleaning of all soil types and extended cleaning of organic grease, fats and oils thereby reducing risks of slips and falls. The sanitizer component of the formula kills 99.9% of pathogens thereby reducing cross contamination risk, malodor, etc.

Product Information

Product Code Pack Size
6100778 9.46 L

Features and Benefits:

  • Total floor and drain management with one easy solution
  • Patented, enzyme-based formula that attacks and helps eliminate “grease banks” that cause slipping
  • Sanitizer kills 99.9% of dangerous bacteria on floors and in drains, creating a cleaner, safer kitchen (*Canada - CFIA Letter, c4, v1)
  • Sanitizing properties help reduce odour causing bacteria and cross contamination risks
  • No-rinse formula saves labour and water
  • Cold water application saves energy
  • Easy application process
  • No PPE required when using product at recommended dilution


  • Daily kitchen floor cleaning/sanitizing and drain cleaning/sanitizing

Effective on/Against:

  • Greasy and dirty floors
  • Dirty and bad smelling floor drains