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Grease Express High-Temp Grill Cleaner

Grease Express High-Temp Grill Cleaner is a powerful grill cleaner formulated to remove baked on carbon and grease without cooling the grill. It is the fastest flat-top grill cleaner in the industry and can strip grease build up in just 60 seconds. Cost effective and convenient-to-use packets simplify the cleaning operation.

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product information

Product Code Pack Size
6110127 6 - 32 fl oz
6110251 60 - 3.6 oz

Features and Benefits:

  • For quick use during operation
    • Cleans grills at 350° F
    • Eliminates grill downtime - no need to let the grill cool
    • Strips grease build-up in just 60 seconds
  • No rinse needed. All ingredients have clearance for incidental food contact
  • Available in two sizes: 32 oz. flip top bottle and 3.6 oz. packet


  • Use to clean flat-top grills