Pathways™ Beverage Drain Control

Pathways™ Beverage Drain Control is specially formulated with ingredients that target the tough soil buildup unique to beverage tower drains, shake machine drains, blended ice drains and espresso or coffee drains. These soils accumulate over time forming a build-up of sugary wastes. Left untreated, the sugary waste build-up can slow drain flow or clog drains entirely.

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product information

Product Code Pack Size
6101141 2 - 64 oz

Features and Benefits:

  • Dissolves clogs in beverage tower drain lines
  • Regular use helps maintain clean drain lines
  • Convenient dosing bottle simplifies dispensing through dosing cap
  • Helps reduce emergency plumbing costs when used regularly
  • Ready-to-use non-corrosive formula dose not require the use of PPE
  • Biodegradable and contains no caustic ingredients or phosphates


  • Eliminating build up of sugary wastes from beverage drains
  • Beverage drain maintenance

Effective on/Against

  • Beverage tower
  • Expresso machine drains
  • Blended ice drains
  • Shake machine drains