Soak Master®

Flatware handling and washing is an area that can produce “spotty” results and increased labor if not addressed properly. With Ecolab’s Silvermaster and Soak Master Systems, positive results are just a few steps away. To ensure the best possible results, use with one of Ecolab’s industry-leading presoaks. 

product information

Product Code Notes
92901487 Soak Master® with dolly and handle
92901479 Soak Master® with dolly
92982016 Soak Master® tank
92983873 Soak Master® replacement drain ball valve
92952829 Soak Master® vinyl cove
  • Soak Master® tank and dolly with handle. High-capacity, 20-gallon, polyethylene soaking tank is ideal for full-size racks and grease filters.
  • The height of this system allows silverware to be soaked vertically, and even steak knives can be immersed while the wood handles are not exposed to the solution.
  • Brim size 28 1/2" x 28 1/2". Inside depth is 12". Overall height (including dolly casters) is 20".