Ecolab Eco-Spray

Pre-Rinse units allow the heavy food soils to be removed prior to being washed. This step will improve overall warewashing results. The Eco-Spray system features long lasting automatic pre-rinse hose system designed to strip soil quickly and reduce hot water consumption by as much as 40%. There is no water pressure in the hose when it is in the “off” position. This greatly increases the life of the hose. 

Product Information

Product Code Product Description
92952589 Eco-Spray 60" Hose (Wall Mount)
92952597 Eco-Spray 60" Hose with Vacuum Breaker (Wall Mount)
92952548 Eco-Spray 54" Hose (Wall Mount)
92952563 Eco-Spray 54" Hose with Vacuum Breaker (Wall Mount)
92952621 Eco Spray 54" Hose with Vacuum Breaker and Jiffy Hose (Wall Mount)
92952209 54" w/spray head
92952308 60" w/spray head