Central Sterile Department Manager standing by Belimed Washer Disinfector

Instrument Reprocessing Resources

"Increasing the efficiency of the CSD (Central Sterile Department) guarantees a smooth running surgery department by ensuring that all necessary instruments are in order and in good working condition to support surgery."

Lin F, Lawley M, Spry C, McCarthy K, Coyle-Rogers PG, Yih Y. Using Simulation to Design a Central Sterilization Department. AORN J Oct 2008:88(4):555-567.

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Studies & Publications

Five factors of cleaning
Authors: Vetter K.
Publication: Presented at IAHCSMM 2013 Annual Conference and Expo

Benefits of products containing enzymes for use in the automated cleaning of surgical instruments
Authors: Choczaj B.

Disinfection and Sterilization: An overview
Authors: Rutala WA and Weber DJ
Publication: Am J Infect Control 2013 May; 41(5 Suppl):S2-5

The role of biofilms in reprocessing medical devices
Authors: Roberts CG
Publication: Am J Infect Control 41(2013) S77-S80

 eROI™ Case Study: OptiPro Solids

Guidelines & Recommendations

Guideline for Disinfection and Sterilization in Healthcare Facilities (2008)

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