Food and Beverage Membrane Experts

Ecolab’s dedicated team of membrane specialists are here to solve your toughest membrane challenges. With over 250 years of combined membrane expertise, our membrane experts come from a variety of backgrounds, ranging from plant management, sanitation, quality and product development chemists to help with troubleshooting or program implementation in your facility.

Paul Schacht

Years with Ecolab: 25

Years in the Industry: 25

Education: B.S. Chemistry Degree
U of MN Institute of Technology

Experience & Credentials:

  • 30 years innovative product development, market testing, and field support
  • Manage Ultrasil membranes program innovations, OEM relationships, regulatory requirements, trade shows
  • Advisory Board Member – Membrane Tech Forum Group
  • Training and Presentations – Texas A&M Membrane Course, Membrane Tech Forum, Worldwide Food Expo, Association of Food Protection WI
  • Customer and Ecolab Account Manager customized membrane and Sanitation Food Safety Workshop trainer
  • Inventor of 22 U.S. Patents related to CIP methods, digital solutions (3DT for CIP), chemical compositions, and membrane applications
James Tester

Years with Ecolab: 17

Years in the Industry: 26

Technical Expertise:

  • Dairy Cultured Products: Yogurt, Sour Cream, Cottage Cheese, Buttermilk production and sanitation
  • Large Scale Cheese production: Cheddar, Swiss, Mozzarella
  • Dairy Membranes, Evaporation and Drying operations

Additional Technical Knowledge:

  • Brewery operations
Dean Shotswell

Years with Ecolab: 6

Years in the Industry: 34

Technical Expertise:

  • Account Manager
  • Plant Manage: Whey and Milk Powder
  • Production Manager: Dairy
  • Supervisor: Cheese, Whey (WPC, WPI)

Specialized Skills:

  • RO/NF/UF/MF Membranes
  • Cheese, Whey, Milk Powders
  • Dairy, HTST, Evaporators, Dryers
  • CIP Programming and Troubleshooting
  • Operational Savings
  • Training
Paul Miller

Years with Ecolab: 14

Years in the Industry: 27

Technical Expertise:

  • Account Manager
  • Plant Superintendent: Milk Powder
  • Quality Manager: Cheese
  • Sanitation Supervisor: Dairy
  • Supervisor: Cheese, Fluid Milk, Culture, Milk Powder

Specialized Skills:

  • RO/NF/UF/MF Membranes
  • Dairy (Cheese, Fluid Milk, Culture)
  • Quality Problem Solving
  • Dairy (HTST, Evaporation, Dyer)
  • Cheese, Whey, Milk Powders
  • CIP Programming and Troubleshooting
  • Operational Savings
  • Training
Steven Fry

Years with Ecolab: 11

Years in the Industry: 31

Education: B App Sci (Dairy Foods) University of Melbourne. Dairy Technician Class 5 – Cheesemaking, All Varieties.

Technical Expertise:

  • Membrane Operations
  • Cheese, Cultured, Fluid milk plants
  • Technical support and troubleshooting in variety of food and beverage manufacturing facilities
  • Lead teams on Total Cost of Operation reduction projects within client facilities
  • Australia and New Zealand processing knowledge and expertise
Ryon Huizenga

Years with Ecolab: 2

Years in the Industry: 17

Experience & Credentials:

Worked for large dairy manufacturing companies in a variety of roles: Regional Operations Manager, Plant Manager, and Quality Manager

Expertise With:

  • Dairy Membranes
  • Evaporation 
  • Spray Drying: NDFM, MPC, Whey, Cheese Powders
  • Large Scale Cheese production: Parmesan, Blue
  • Converting: Cut and Wrap, Cup, Shaker, VFFS
Mark Garrett

Years with Ecolab: 7

Years in the Industry: 34

Technical Expertise:

  • Dairy Industry Supervisor/Manager
  • Sanitation Manager/Production Supervisor
  • Account Manager, Dedicated Account Manager, Account Coordinator
  • Plant Superintendent: Whey

Specialized Skills:

  • RO/NF/UF/MF Membrane Technology
  • Milk Diary: Fluid Manufacturing, Heat Treatment, HTST, UHT, CIP Design and Engineering
  • Evaporation and Spray Drying
  • CIP/COP/Boosted High Pressure Cleaning Systems
  • Ecolab and Allen Bradley Controller Systems and Programming
  • Training: MIAB, HACCP, Food Safety, CIP
  • Dairy Farm Sanitation
Caleb Power

Years with Ecolab: 9

Years in the Industry: 9

Education: B.A. Chemistry Degree, University of Minnesota

Experience & Credentials:

  • 6-year innovation product development, Field Trials, Market tests 
  • 3-year focus on customer support including field troubleshooting 
  • Customer and Field membrane trainer 
  • 9-year focus on Dairy and Cheese producers