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Oasis™ and Oasis Pro™ Room Refreshers are heavy duty air fresheners and deodorizers specially formulated with long-lasting ingredients to provide odor control for hours when used as directed under normal circumstances.
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Product Scents:

  • Clean Escape
    • Clear crystal waters infused with the essence of fresh aloe, calming black tea leaf, warm musk, and a touch of sparkling bergamot.
  • Laundry Fresh
    • Sun-dried linen illuminated by fresh floral accents and a breezy touch of clean white musk
  • Lavender Paradise
    • Herbaceous lavender enhanced with a trace of fresh geranium, bright fir needle and natural eucalyptus
  • Morning Breeze
    • Fresh aloe infused with a touch of garden herbs and crisp green apples with a zesty splash of citrus
  • Relaxing Spa
    • Dewy floras wrapped in highlights of fresh fruit and wild herbal greens enhanced by sun-warmed tropical musk.

product information

Product Code Pack Size  Notes (SDS)
6100831  2 - 2 L Oasis Pro Clean Escape
6100829  2 - 2 L Oasis Pro Relaxing Spa
6100141  1 - 2.5 gal Oasis Morning Breeze Room Refresher
6100135  2 - 2 L Oasis Morning Breeze Room Refresher
6100142  1 - 2.5 gal Oasis Laundry Fresh Room Refresher
6100136 2 - 2 L  Oasis Pro Laundry Fresh Room Refresher
6100381  2 - 1.3 L QC 72 Odor Counteractant 
6100137  2 - 2 L Oasis Pro Lavender Paradise Room Refresher

Features and Benefits:

  • Room Refreshers use IFRA (International Fragrance Association) compliant fragrances to limit potential for skin sensitization.
  • Products meet CARB (California Air Resources Board) VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) thresholds designed to help reduce air pollution.
  • Guest scores and industry rankings use “room smell” as a key measure for room satisfaction.
    • Neutralizes odors and conveys cleanliness
    • Variety of fragrances with broad appeal
    • Variable and adjustable intensity options
    • Responsible formulations


  • Neutralize odors in guest areas while providing a pleasant and subtle, yet lasting clean scent
  • Can be used with the Fogmaster Jr.