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Bio-Enzymatic Odor Eliminator

Odor control product that delivers 3 part action of instant odor removal during application, knock down of odor, and continuous enzymatic action to remove odor at the source. It is specifically designed to counteract urine and body odor, effective on hard and soft surfaces with a pleasant fragrance. Bio-Enzymatic Odor Eliminator is a user friendly product that helps simplify odor management process. Great for use in Long Term Care and Facilities segments.

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product information

Product Code Pack Size
6101024 1 - 2.5 gal
6101023 2 - 1.3 L

Key Features:

  • Designed to counteract urine and body odor
  • Continuous action on odor post-application
  • Effective on hard and soft surfaces
  • Pleasant fragrance


  • Helps simplify odor management process
  • Provides instant knock down
  • User friendly and removes odor at source
  • One product for multiple surfaces