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es-4000 dishmachine

Energy Star® listed double rack version of the ES-4000 with twice the capacity. For an all solids solution, see the Apex TSC Double.
Please note, when ordering corner versions of the machine, Left (CDL) and Right (CDR) refer to which side the door on the front (long) side of the machine is located.

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PRODUCT CODE: ES-4000 Dishmachine

Superior Cleaning & Reliable Performance

  • Low temperature, Energy Star® machine helps reduce operating costs
  • Self-cleaning internal sump helps ensure a clean final rinse
  • Unique design helps ensure uncontaminated water is used in every cycle
Apex TSC Double Rack Dishmachine Brochure
See how Ecolab's ES-4000 double rack dishmachine will allow for impeccable cleaning and superior performance.