Apex™ Presoak

Apex™ Presoak keeps ware looking its best. With a unique combination of alkalinity and surfactants, Apex Presoak loosens soils and emulsifies grease. Its patented dual-enzyme formula thoroughly removes tough, dried- or baked-on protein and starch soils, reducing the need for multiple rewashes which reduces overall cost. Tests prove that presoaking with Apex Presoak results in spotless ware after two passes through the dishmachine, while water-soaked ware developed a film that never came clean.
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product information

Product Code Pack Size
6110364 3 - 4 lb

Features and Benefits:

  • Most powerful solid presoak for results focused customers
  • Prevents film buildup and reduces the need for multiple rewashes
  • Prolongs the life of flatware
  • Dual enzymes work on all types of food soils that contain starches and proteins


  • Presoaking flatware and kitchen utensils

Effective Against:

  • Dried- or baked-on protein and starch soils/films