Apex™ for Manual Warewashing

Ecolab’s warewashing solutions help you provide spotless dishware, glassware and silverware, making a positive impact on your guests and keep them coming back. Your Ecolab Representative will work closely with you to choose the right liquid or solid product to fit the specific needs of your business.

An image of an employee washing dishes.
More Control Made Simple

The Apex family of high performing manual warewashing products includes:

Manual Detergents
Broad Range Sanitizers
Flatware Presoak
Pot and Pan Soak

3-Compartment Sink

Product Feature:
Apex™ Manual Detergent
Your success depends on satisfying guests and managing risk. Ecolab is a leader in the foodservice industry, offering service and solutions that help you create a dining experience that leaves a lasting impression. 


Apex™ Presoak

With a unique combination of alkalinity and surfactants, it loosens soils and emulsifies grease, and its patented dual-enzyme formula thoroughly removes tough, dried- or baked-on protein and starch soils.

Apex™ Pot and Pan Soak

Features an alkaline formula that removes stubborn, baked-on soils. It’s formulated to be safe on hands while effectively removing blackened carbonized build-up and adding metal protection to prolong the life of pots and pans.


Product Feature:
Apex™ Solid Quat Broad Range Sanitizer 

Proper use helps prevent the transmission of germs from counter and table tops to guests and employees.