Apex™ Pot and Pan Soak

Apex™ Pot and Pan Soak features an alkaline formula that removes stubborn, baked-on soils.
It’s formulated to be safe on hands while effectively removing blackened carbonized build-up and adding metal protection to prolong the life of pots and pans. This product is focused towards customers who run pots and pans through the dishmachine rather than washing in 3-compartment sink. Apex Pot and Pan Soak helps your customers save time and labor by removing hard-to-remove soils and reducing the amount of passes through the dishmachine.
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product information

Product Code Pack Size
6100089 3 - 5 lb
6100090 6 - 5 lb

Features and Benefits:

  • Alkaline formula removes most stubborn stains and soils
  • Reduces rewash
  • Formulated to be safe for hands at use solution
  • Metal protection helps extend the life of pots and pans
  • Removes blackened carbonized build-up on ware after several months of use
  • Fresh orange fragrance
  • Concentrated formula reduces packaging
  • Biodegradable surfactants
  • Labor savings - no behavior change needed
  • Reduces washing cost by 50%


  • Easily removes baked-on soils
  • Helps achieve one-pass results
  • Daily product use will help remove carbon buildup on ware over time