Ultra Dry

Special high-active surfactants provide excellent sheeting for quick drying. Effective in all water conditions for spotless glassware and flatware. Along with Ultra Klene Plus, it helps provide excellent detergency in the subsequent wash cycle for spotless results.

Product Information

Product Code Pack Size
6115172 4.5 gal
6113722 4 - 1 gal

Features and Benefits:

  • Provides quality results for low-temp warewashing
  • Premium products for one-pass warewashing saves time and money
  • Your customer's guests expect sparkling, spot-free glasses and flatware
    • Ecolab rinse additives ensure your customer delivers on this expectation
  • No need for hand drying or stacking wares while still wet
    • Rinse additives help water sheet off of the surfaces, preventing water spotting and helping wares dry faster


  • Provide excellent sheeting action to promote quick drying

Effective In:

  • All water conditions