Large commercial tub filled with Ecolab Rinse Dry rinse additive next to a smaller refillable jug.

Rinse Dry

Formulated for fast drying and residue-free dishes, Rinse Dry is the leading economical workhorse rinse additive for soft water, low TDS and moderate feed soil levels. It’s the consistent performer in normal water conditions and saves customers time and costs to get dishware out of dishmachines quickly. Rinse additive products come in many sizes for the largest of dishwashing jobs in the service industry.

Product Information

Product Code Pack Size
6110934 5 gal
6110942 4 - 1 gal

Rinse Dry Features and Benefits:

  • Your customer's guests expect sparkling, spot-free glasses and flatware
    • Ecolab rinse additives ensure your customer delivers on this expectation
  • No need for hand drying or stacking wares while still wet
    • Rinse additives help water sheet off of the surfaces, preventing water spotting and helping wares dry faster
  • Delivers Spotless Glassware and Silverware. This highly concentrated surfactant formula allows rinse water to sheet off dishware. That means spotless glassware and silverware and no unsightly filming or water spots.
  • Fast Drying Action Saves Time and Space. Rinse Dry rinse additive's rapid sheeting action allows dishes to dry faster than evaporation. Customers save time by stacking dishware sooner, save space by moving dishware out of dish room faster and reduce labor costs by eliminating costly hand toweling.
  • Increases Dishmachine Efficiency. Defoaming agent eliminates troublesome foam, makes water jets more effective at removing food soil.