Cleanroom Quat Combined

Klercide™ Cleanroom Quat - Blended with WFI

Ecolab Klercide™ Cleanroom Quat is a blend of quaternary ammonium compound and Water for Injection (WFI). It’s efficacious at a low concentration ensuring the product leaves minimal residues and makes it ideal for high grade cleanrooms and critical manufacturing areas.

Note: this product is called Klercide™ Low Residue Quat in Europe

Features and Benefits

Minimal Residue:

  • Residue accumulate effect is less than other cleanroom broad spectrum biocides meaning less rinsing is required.


  • 0.2 micron filtered and sterile filled under unidirectional Grade A / ISO Class 5 air-flow in a Grade B / ISO Class 5 cleanroom. 
  • Excellent material compatibility – non-corrosive for use in most cleanroom applications including but not limited to isolators, equipment and production vessel exteriors.

In Use Sterility:

  • The patented and unique trigger head on the SteriShield™ Delivery System (SDS) works by forming a complete seal, preventing any air being drawn back into the bottle. This eliminates the risk of microbial contamination in critical fill / finish areas and chemical contaminants.

Available in spray and capped formats.


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