Revitalize™ Spotting Kit

Easy to use lightweight spotting kit. Hang on cleaning carts for easy transportation.
Kit includes: Revitalize Miracle Spotter, Revitalize Grease and Oil Spotter, Revitalize Chewing Gum Remover, and Revitalize Biological Spotter and Odor Eliminator.

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product Information

Product Code Pack Size
6101157 Kit

Features and Benefits:

  • Convenient kit includes 4 spotters
  • Lightweight and easy to transport for daily spot removal challenges
  • Use Ecolab Spotters as part of a daily maintenance program - prompt spill clean up and spot removal guards against unappealing stains
  • Spots are more easily removed the less time they have on the carpet
  • Includes spotting guide for easy reference


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Effective On/Against:

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