Revitalize™ Encapsulation Carpet Cleaner

Low-moisture interim cleaner that uses a polymer technology to encapsulate soil and prevent it from reattaching to the carpet.  Soil is removed during the next scheduled vacuuming.  Great for quick turnaround in high traffic areas with a dry time of less than one hour. May be used on all synthetic carpet types.
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product information

Product Code Pack Size
6195099 4 - 1 gal

Features and Benefits:

  • Interim cleaner extends time between extractions saving time, labor and water
  • Polymer technology encapsulates soil and prevents it from reattaching to the carpet
  • Low moisture
  • Minimum down time - dries in less than an hour
  • Saves labor - soil is removed at next scheduled vacuuming


  • Brightens and freshens-up high traffic areas
  • Brings back uniform carpet appearance

Effective On/Against:

  • Use with encapsulation equipment and/or carpet brush and pump-up sprayer
  • May be used on all synthetic carpet types.