Apex™ Heavy Duty Rinse Additive

Apex Heavy Duty Rinse Additive is specially formulated to provide superior sheeting and drying action under even the most difficult water conditions.  The unique formula features advanced solid rinse additive chemistry that delivers exceptional performance. Handles hard and high alkaline water.

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Product information

Product Code Pack Size
6116818 2 - 2.5 lb

Features and Benefits:

  • Apex Rinse Additive performance with added water-spot fighting capability for water over 8 grains
  • Your customer's guests expect sparkling, spot-free glasses and flatware - Ecolab rinse additives ensure your customer delivers on this expectation
  • No need for hand drying or stacking wares while still wet - rinse additives help water sheet off of the surfaces, preventing water spotting and helping wares dry faster