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Apex™ for Machine warewashing

Solve your biggest warewashing problems with automatic tracking of key performance metrics, an intuitive new dishmachine monitor and actionable reporting and alarms. Our Apex™ Warewashing Program offers foodservice operators maximum control over their warewashing results and total costs.


Apex™ Power

A high performing, low-phosphorous detergent for use in regular soil and soft to moderate water hardness conditions.

apex™ power plus

A concentrated formula that makes it appropriate for moderate to hard water conditions and high soil loads with its stronger destaining capabilities. 

rinse additives

apex™ rinse additive

Helps water sheet off of surfaces quickly, prevents water spotting, helps wares dry faster and eliminates the need for hand drying or stacking wares while still wet.

Apex™ Heavy Duty Rinse Additive

Specially formulated to provide superior sheeting and drying action under even the most difficult water conditions.