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Pest Control for Food and Beverage Processing

Rodents, insects, birds, and other pests are a constant threat to your business's bottom line and brand reputation. The rising cost of ingredients and stricter regulations make the implementation of proactive beverage and food manufacturing pest control more important than ever.

Ecolab’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM) services use scientifically proven strategies to both treat and prevent pests. Simple audit ready data makes it easier to meet regulatory requirements, so your facility can stay open and at peak production. 

Explore Pest Elimination Programs for Your Facility

No matter what your facility handles—baked goods, fruit, dairy, beverages—we will customize an Integrated Pest Management plan that fits.
The programs we can tailor for you include:

food protect

Food Protect

This comprehensive IPM program helps you minimize pest risk, meet the requirements of third-party audits, and ensure food safety. Food Protect is typically the foundation for our Food & Beverage customers, and we can customize with additional services to meet your needs.

A white and blue structural image of an intelligent rodent monitoring system.

Intelligent Rodent Monitoring System (IRMS)

The IRMS uses smart technology to trap and track rodents, even in hard-to-reach areas of your facility. Precise data and insights that highlight your facility’s risks empower you to take targeted action. 

Why Choose Ecolab?

  • Highly trained Service Specialists. Ecolab’s Service Specialists undergo an extensive Food & Beverage Certification Program. This gives them robust training and hands-on industry experience. If they need help solving a tough pest challenge, they can turn to our dedicated F&B technical specialists and scientists in Ecolab’s global R&D center.
  • Spend less time preparing for audits with eLogbook from Ecolab. Your eLogbook stores electronic copies of the essential documents and data you need for audit compliance. Instead of an overwhelming amount of data to comb through, we provide just enough for you to gather actionable insights and be audit ready.
  • 24/7 support. Pests work around the clock, so we do, too.

See Where Your Risks Are Hiding

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