OR Solutions Hush Slush Surgical Slush Machine

Ecolab® ORS™ Hush Slush Systems

During procedures requiring surgical slush, our system delivers velvet-soft slush which improves patient safety and saves valuable nursing time. The proprietary Auto-Stir® technology automatically stirs the solution while cooling and eliminates concerns with conventional slush that may have sharp edges which can cause trauma to delicate tissues.
*Note: Medical devices advertised here may not have been licensed in accordance with regional regulations or country specific (e.g. Canadian) laws.
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Equipment Details

  • Controls are simple and easily operated by the nurse in the sterile field
  • Does not require an alcohol transfer medium like other slush systems
  • Quiet system does not disrupt the operating room environment

Round Basin, ORS Hush Slush Systems

Equipment Model  Basin Capacity Dimensions  Fluid Level
ORS-1075HS  7.5 Liters (Round)  36"H x 18"W x 18"D 1 to 4 Liters
Sterile Drapes  Description Dimensions Case Qty
 ORS-130  Slush Disc-Drape  48" x 48"  24
 ORS-320      Slush + Warmer Disc-Drape*  44" x 66"  24
 ORS-321  Slush + Warmer Disc-Drape*  52" x 66"      24
 ORS 325  Slush + Warmer Disc-Drape, Skirted*  44" x 66" x 36"  24

Rectangle Basin, ORS Hush Slush Systems

Equipment Model  Basin Capacity Dimensions  Fluid Level
ORS-1058HS  5.8 Liters (Rectangle)  36"H x 18"W x 18"D 1 to 3 Liters
Sterile Drapes  Description Dimensions Case Qty
 ORS-330  Slush + Warmer Plate-Drape  44" x 66"  24
 ORS-331   Slush + Warmer Plate-Drape™  52" x 66"  24


*Combined drape covers both Ecolab ORS Hush Slush Systems and optional Ecolab ORS Fluid Warming System.

ORS™ Hush Slush Basin with Auto-Stir and Disc0Drape Technology
Slush Basin with Auto Stir

Slush Basin with Auto-Stir®

  • Auto-Stir device automatically stirs and creates velvet-soft slush
  • Available in standard round 7.5 liter or space-saving rectangular 5.8 liter basin sizes
  • Power and Auto-Stir controls are easily controlled by nursing within the sterile field
Hush Slush System with Disc-Drape Technology
Disc-Drape Technology

Disc-Drape Technology

  • Disc-Drape snaps onto the Auto-Stir device inside the basin
  • Drape can cover both slush and optional fluid warming systems
  • Available in multiple sizes for optimal sterile coverage
Optional ORS Fluid Warming System

Optional Ecolab® ORS Fluid Warming System

  • Attaches to the side of the ORS Hush Slush Systems
  • Continuous access to warm irrigation fluid at controlled temperatures
ORS Hush Slush Systems feature caster wheels that lock to minimize inadvertent movement


  • Caster wheels allow for easy transportation and lock to minimize inadvertent movement