Single large refillable jug of pinnacle intensive tile cleaner made by Ecolab.

Pinnacle™ Intensive Tile Cleaner

Pinnacle Intensive Tile Cleaner is an extremely effective alkaline cleaner that removes deeply embedded soil, grease and oil from all ceramic surfaces without harming grout lines. 

Our commercial tile cleaner formula contains no acids that could harm grout or surfaces with regular and intensive cleaning. Get a better commercial tile cleaner for stone and ceramic surfaces with Pinnacle™ Intensive Tile Cleaner.

Product Information

Product Code Pack Size
6170211 4 - 1 gal

Tile Cleaner Features and Benefits:

Contains no acid:

  • Not a destructive grout treatment

Specifically formulated to clean stubborn soil, carbon and grease:

  • Removes deeply embedded soil

Designed for hard-to-clean porcelain tile:

  • Effective on all ceramic surfaces

Intensive Tile Cleaner is a heavy-duty cleaner:

  • Perfect for intensive periodic cleaning

Intensive Tile Cleaner Uses:

  • Monthly maintenance
  • Ceramic surfaces

Effective Against:

  • Soil, carbon and grease