Solid Power™ XL

Solid Power™ XL

Solid Power™ XL with GlassGuard™ is the newest product in the Solid Power™ family. Solid Power™ XL is a machine warewashing detergent with the same features as regular Solid Power™ but with a high activity formula that allows for 50% more washes per capsule. It also reduces packaging waste by 33% and is 99.7% Phosphate and Phosphorus free.

Product Information

Product Code Pack Size
6100185 4 - 9 lb

Features and Benefits:

Less Waste:

  • 33% less packaging waste (When compared to Solid Power® and Solid Power® Plus)
  • 80% less packaging than liquid detergents
  • Reduces storage space requirements and waste pickup costs

Better for the Environment:

  • 99.7% phosphate and phosphorus-free formula contains ingredients which are environmentally responsible
  • Prevents filming and glass etch thereby reducing glassware replacement

50% More Power:

  • 50% more washes per capsule (When compared to Solid Power® and Solid Power® Plus)
  • Industry's most concentrated, highly active ingredients remove tougher soils
  • 33% less likely to run out of product during use

Superior Results When compared to other Low-Phosphorus Detergents

  • GlassGuard™ protects glassware from etching
  • Removes tough soils the first time
  • Reduces glassware replacement


  • Effective in regular soil and water conditions
  • For use in low or high temp machines

Effective Against:

  • All common food soils on all dishware