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ProTEX PLUS Laundry Program

Ecolab ProTEX Plus is a wash program that’s tailored to the unique needs of food and beverage commercial laundries, and mixed segment commercial laundry facilities. This customizable program is designed to improve your commercial laundry processes and help you achieve maximum efficiency in your wash aisle and throughout your operation. Save water, save energy, save time—while delivering high-quality wash results.

Safer Laundry Processes. Smarter Protection. Higher Profits.

Unleash Compelling Operational Savings and Realize Sustainability Success for Commercial Laundries

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Innovative chemistry that use leading edge surfactant and enzyme technology resulting in a more efficient wash program that will reduce alkali, reduce wash temperatures, save water and save time.

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Highly trained experts will thoroughly survey your plant and give product and formula recommendations based on their years of experience that will be optimal for your unique operations.

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Environmental sustainability focus with the most sustainable chemistry, reducing your environmental footprint through water and energy savings and wastewater compliance.

Ecolab Instrument Reprocessing

Flexible solutions to give you the program you need to differentiate your brand, protect your valuable commercial laundry equipment and further optimize your operation.


Why Choose ProTEX PLUS for Your Commercial Laundry Process?

ProTEX PLUS will propel your laundry to the next level by providing tangible operational savings, and helping you realize your sustainability goals.

  • Water & Energy Savings: Water and energy is critical to your operation. ProTEX PLUS utilizes state of the art chemistry and unique wash formulas which provides real savings through reduced temperature washing with lower water consumption.

  • Time Savings: ProTEX PLUS helps you with labor challenges by saving time in your operation, allowing you to maximize your labor hours. By saving considerable wash process time, you can increase your wash capacity with your current assets.

  • Sustainability Goals: ProTEX PLUS helps you take a giant leap towards your sustainability goals and being a good community partner. Our innovative wash program reduces energy and water consumption, minimizing your environmental footprint without compromising on performance.

  • And Much More: ProTEX PLUS prolongs the life of your textiles by washing at lower temperatures and reduced alkalinity, saving you money and reducing physical waste. ProTEX PLUS helps protect your brand by delivering impeccable results that your customers expect.

ProTEX PLUS Delivers Measurable Results

Reduce water use by an average of
Image description

Increase capacity by up to

Image description

Lower energy use on average by
Energy-saving icon

Extend linen life by up to*

Image description

Decrease alkali use by up to
Image description

Reduce sulfuric acid by up to**

Image description

*Linen life study in lab results. Specific results may vary.

**Sulfuric acid reduction based on your effluent pH control requirements.

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Case Study of ProTEX PLUS

Learn how a large food and beverage commercial laundry facility used ProTEX PLUS to reduce their water use by 32%, and cut cycle run time by 14%.

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Revolutionize Water Management in Commercial Laundries

By leveraging innovative science, digital technology and extensive industry knowledge, Ecolab solutions empower commercial laundries to optimize water usage through all aspects of operations—from pre-treatment through wash processes and post-treatment. Focus on what you do best while we take care of your water management needs.

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