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OxyGuard™40 Commercial Laundry Program for Hospitality Linens

Our high performance, low-temperature, sustainable solution for hospitality wash programs.

When guests arrive at a hotel or spa, they expect clean, bright-white, stain-free linens. Your commercial laundry operation plays an indispensable role in delivering on those expectations. To help you meet the high standards of your customers, use OxyGuard™40, a four product program formulated for commercial laundry operations serving hotels.

Drive Exceptional Quality
with our Patented 4-Product Linen Wash Program

OxyGuard™40 Alkali

New built alkali to improve water conditions, allowing for better cleaning

OxyGuard™40 Detergent

Concentrated detergent featuring all new innovative surfactant package helps your whites pop

OxyGuard™40 Bright Alpha & Bright Beta

Breakthrough high performance oxidizing technology for variable temperature washing as low as 104˚F

Why Choose OxyGuard™40 Linen Detergent?

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Wow Your Customers

Your hospitality customers can count on you to exceed their expectations with OxyGuard™40. You can deliver linens with exceptional whiteness, stain-free and unparalleled softness.

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Lower Operational Costs

OxyGuard™40 effectively disinfects and brightens linens at 104ºF (40ºC), a significantly lower temperature than standard detergents require. Lowering the temperature helps you cut energy costs.

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Keep Linens White and Bright

OxyGuard™40 linen detergent is engineered with advanced molecular technologies to deliver exceptional whiteness.

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Extend Linen Life

OxyGuard™40 is gentle yet effective, to help linens and towels last. Superior fiber protection keeps linens softer longer, and reduces lint build-up.

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Extend Equipment Life

When you wash as a lower temperature, there’s less stress on the boiler system and other equipment.

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Meet Sustainability Goals

OxyGuard™40 is sustainably engineered with no NPEs, VOCs, phosphorus or environmental byproducts.

Towel Comparison: OxyGuard40 bright white towel vs Chlorine discolored towel

Superior Whiteness and Softness After 50 Washes

Chlorine and peroxide both decrease whiteness noticeably after 20 washes. Towels washed in OxyGuard™40 still look new after 50 washes. With superior fiber protection, your linen softness lasts longer, and lint production is significantly reduced.

  • 5 shades whiter and fluffier
  • No zebra striping
  • Reduced lint production

Case Study:
OxyGuard™40 Brightening White Linens at just 104ºF

A large commercial launderer needed a new boiler to heat water to the 160ºF they used to whiten linens. Ecolab introduced OxyGuard™40, which enabled the company to brighten whites at just 104ºF. The lower temperature saved them $20K annually in energy costs, and helped them avoid the costly purchase of a new boiler.

Download Full Case Study

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  • Your customers will love OxyGuard™40 because it consistently delivers the highest quality results, helping them create a luxurious guest experience.
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