Klercide™ 70/30 IPA Blended with WFI

Klercide™ 70/30 IPA Blended with WFI

For daily disinfection of critical areas.

Reliable IPA spray, designed for disinfection of cleanroom environments, with the simple efficiency of a simple trigger-spray format featuring the sterile assurance of the patented “bag-in-a-bottle” SteriShield™ Delivery System.

Key Product Specifications

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Consistent Efficacy

0.2 micron-filtered 70% isopropyl alcohol solution blended with WFI (endotoxin level guaranteed to be <0.25E.U./mL>) to deliver Bactericidal, Fungicidal and Virucidal efficacy.

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Simple, Efficient Daily Disinfection

Trusted 70/30 IPA in a user-friendly trigger-spray format, designed to streamline daily disinfection in critical processing applications including aseptic processing, RABs, product contact surfaces and other sterile areas. 

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Sterile Delivery System

Trigger-spray format features patented SteriShield™ Delivery System (SDS), providing sterility assurance of contents in bottle by forming a complete seal that prevents any air from (and microbial or chemical contaminants) being drawn back into the bottle.

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Sterile Production

Ultrasonically sealed and gamma irradiated in a Grade C/ISO Class 5 cleanroom; supported with certificates of analysis and Certificates of Sterility with every batch.

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Convenient Packaging

Available as either double or triple-bagged to streamline movement into high-grade areas, with packaging designed for ease-of-use with gloved hands.

U.S. EPA Canadian DIN Unit of Sale Application Area
Registered Number: 1677-249 02447789 12 bottles x 16 oz
6 bottles x 32 oz
4 bottles x 1 gal
For use on floors, walls and hard surfaces

Delivering the Outcomes that Matter

✓ Simple to Use

The entire Ecolab cleanroom portfolio was designed to be intuitive and easy for cleanroom staff to execute critical protocols — with key requirements, complexities and challenges of the cleanroom environment in mind.

✓ Reliable Availability

Ecolab’s global manufacturing and supply chain presence is enhanced by our operational excellence and established supplier relationships, providing our customers with reliable availability of the critical products they need to maintain compliance and optimize production. 

✓ Made for Cleanrooms in a Cleanroom

All Ecolab cleanroom products are manufactured in a certified cleanroom environment, helping ensure that all products meet or exceed quality and sterility standards.

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A Complete Cleanroom Portfolio

The complete Klercide™ and Klerwipe™ range gives you everything you need to support your cleanroom cleaning and disinfection program, help you drive consistency, and protect quality and safety in your cleanroom. All Ecolab cleanroom products are designed by experienced cleanroom experts who know the challenges you face — and all products are produced in cleanroom environments to meet the highest quality and safety standards.

See The Full Ecolab Cleanroom Portfolio:

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Technician cleaning a cleanroom with Ecolab product
Science-Based Guidance and Support

The entire Ecolab cleanroom portfolio is backed by the science-based expertise and deep industry experience of our in-house microbiologists and cleanroom specialists: onsite and online training, in-depth product consultation and testing, and more — available on-demand at no additional cost to you. To learn more about Ecolab support, email us today.

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