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MAXX Floor Stripper

New, improved formula now strips MAXX Durable Finish with 20 minutes of dwell time.
Low odor, butyl-free formula. Broad dilution range to meet all of your customer's floor care stripping needs. Unbeatable power removes heavy build up in one pass versus two or three passes of conventional stripper. MAXX Floor Stripper is required to strip MAXX Durable Floor Finish, it is also effective in removing any other Ecolab Floor Finish.

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product information

Product Code Pack Size
6101129 2.5 gal

Features and Benefits:

  • New, improved formula now strips MAXX Durable Finish with 20 minutes of dwell time
  • Unbeatable power removes heavy build-up in one pass versus two to three passes of conventional stripper - up to 64% labor savings
  • Ultra concentrate formula provides a broad dilution range (1:8-1:24) to tackle the toughest floor stripping needs.
  • Low odor butyl-free formula


  • Must be used to remove MAXX Durable Floor Finish.
  • Use on vinyl and vinyl asbestos floor tiles, ceramic tile, terrazzo and concrete floors. Low odor formula.
  • Do not use on linoleum, rubber, marble or wood floors.

Effective On/Against:

  • Heavy floor finish build-up