Still shots from application of Exelerate TUFSOIL promotional video

Exelerate™ TUFSOIL Gel Cleaner and Degreaser

Exelerate™ TUFSOIL is a ready-to-use, heavy duty gel cleaner and degreaser with a patent-pending formula specifically designed for removing tough burnt-on soils such as carbonized sugars, oils, and proteins. Exelerate™ TUFSOIL can be used on stainless-steel fryers, ovens, smokehouses, dryers, racks, catwalks, and environmental areas.

Exelerate™ TUFSOIL Product Overview

Watch the video to learn more about how Exelerate™ TUFSOIL is helping customers to minimize manual cleaning time, improve cleaning outcomes, and increase productivity in their food processing operations.


The Exelerate™ TUFSOIL Difference

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Minimize Time Manually Cleaning Equipment

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Improve Cleaning Outcomes

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Increase Productivity
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Reduce Safety Risks

Related Customer Case Studies

Exelerate TUFSOIL French Fry Image header
Exelerate™ TUFSOIL Potato Processing eRoi Case Study

Exelerate™ TUFSOIL provides safer and faster application in addition to improved cleaning outcomes in industrial fryer soils when compared to a competitor’s product.

Exelerate TUFSOIL and spiral freezer header image
Exelerate™ TUFSOIL Pizza eRoi Case Study

Exelerate™ TUFSOIL provides time and labor savings by improving cleaning outcomes and reducing mechanical action required to remove pizza processing soils.

Exelerate™ TUFSOIL Features​

Ready-To-Use Formula​
  • Apply without diluting, mixing or titrating
  • Reduces chemical handling, operational errors, and helps to save time
Still shots from application of Exelerate TUFSOIL promotional video
Non-Foaming, Gel Chemistry​
  • Improves cling time on a vertical surface, which increases soil contact time
  • Withstands hot surfaces without drying
Ecolab Degreaser Spray
Heavy Duty Cleaner and Degreaser​
  • Formula contains optimized concentrations of potassium hydroxide (KOH), sodium hydroxide (NaOH), solvents, and surfactants
  • Helps to remove tough, burnt-on soils
  • Decreases time spent on manual scrubbing, scraping and high-pressure water blasting
Still shots from application of Exelerate TUFSOIL promotional video
Fluorescent Green Dye​
  • Provides increased visibility during application
  • Helps to reduce overuse of the product and ensure that equipment and other areas are properly covered and rinsed

Exelerate™ TUFSOIL Application Equipment​

For optimal performance, it’s recommended to apply Exelerate™ TUFSOIL with a custom-built, compressed air-operated, gel-spray unit. Contact us to learn more about the equipment options.​

Long Stainless-Steel Wand and 100-Foot Hose​
Long Stainless-Steel Wand and 100-Foot Hose​

Allows operators to distance themselves from the unit during application​.

Optimized Nozzle
Optimized Nozzle

Minimizes bubbling and agitation at the application point, which optimizes the spray and pattern of the product, while also reducing product waste.

Want to Know More?

Download the FAQ document to learn more about Exelerate™ TUFSOIL’s attributes and application equipment.

Download the FAQ Document​