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SureSight Assessment Program

Comprehensive Safety & Guest Experience Assessment Program

The food service industry faces a multitude of challenges including high employee turnover, stringent regulations, complex supply chain, and increasing social media exposure. EcoSure's SureSight Assessment Program focuses on closing the gap in your operations so you can continue to run a safe and successful business. 

Empower Your Team
EcoSure's comprehensive SureSight Assessment Program prepares and empowers your team to drive continuous improvement in your operations. 

Some benefits of our best-in-class program:
  • Reduce your food safety and public health risks
  • Ensure the safety of your guests and employees
  • Increase your guest satisfaction
  • Maintain a protected reputation
EcoSure specialist in mask coaches customer with tablet
Proven Return on Investment

EcoSure's strategic account partnership and highly experienced field specialists help your team establish a strong food safety and public health culture, drive positive behavior changes and deliver proven operational impacts through SureSight's best-in-class assessments, onsite coaching and teaching and actionable insights. 

Ready to engage your team? 

Food Safety | Guest Experience | Workplace Safety

Designed to focus on what matters most to your operations. Highlights from each module include:

Guest Experience

  • Guest service SOPs
  • Restroom Cleanliness
  • Dining Area Cleanliness

Food Safety & Public Health

  • Personal Hygiene
  • Cross Contamination
  • Temperature Controls

Workplace Safety

  • Slips/Trips/Fall Prevention
  • Cuts & Burns Hazards
  • Chemical Safety