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Ecolab HDI

Advanced Health Department Intelligence

With increased media attention and consumer awareness of food safety issues, you need a better way to manage health department inspections. Our advanced HDI platform allows you to be more strategic and proactive in managing food safety risks and improving inspection scores.

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How Ecolab HDI Works
Ecolab HDI retrieves and manages health department inspection data for foodservice operators and provides insights to help you take action to resolve potential food safety risks. How does it work? It is as simple as 1, 2, 3.
  • Ecolab collects health department inspections for foodservice operators 
  • Ecolab applies scoring and advanced analytics to the data, making comparisons easy
  • The user-friendly HDI web portal delivers powerful insights 24/7
gain access to insights that matter
  • Real-time industry benchmarking
  • Trends and analytics on top risks and opportunities
  • Performance based on locations and jurisdictions


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Read our Ecolab HDI brochure:

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Read our food safety brochure:

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