Partner with Experts to Build an Effective, Compliant Contamination Control Strategy

Annex 1 Requirements Can Be Extensive, Make Sure You’re Ready

The recent update of Annex 1 has introduced the mandatory requirement for pharmaceutical manufacturers to have a Contamination Control Strategy in place. As contamination control experts, we’re with you every step of the way. 

Whether you’re in the process of defining, developing or maintaining your CCS, we can work with you to help build a compliant strategy for cleaning, disinfection and bio-decontamination.

We’ve created a guide that details:

  • The overall aim of a Contamination Control Strategy
  • The principal elements CCS must cover
  • How Ecolab experts can support you in achieving an improved state of control
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How Ecolab Experts Can Provide Support

Ecolab Life Sciences is trusted around the world for delivering compliant solutions in cleaning, disinfection and bio-decontamination. Our Global Technical Consultants (GTCs) are an international team of Pharmaceutical Microbiologists with decades of industry experience.


Learn more about our world-class GTC services and how they can help your organization.

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We will guide you through the necessary steps to build your Contamination Control Strategy.

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Our Expertise

We proactively monitor regulatory changes in industry through engagement with relevant bodies such as EP, USP, PDA, CEN, FDA and EPA.

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Identifying the Gaps

We will work with you to reduce the risks, providing documentation and validation support.

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Recognizing the Risks

Our experts conduct an in-depth review to help identify, assess and document the risks to your cleanroom contamination control.

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Change Management

Ecolab will support you through the process with a customised end-to-end change management plan.

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If you’re interested in our GTC technical services or how Ecolab can help you optimize and improve your Contamination Control Strategy, please complete and submit the form. With Ecolab, you can:

Get support closing gaps in your strategy
Let experts handle documentation and risk mitigation
Move through validation processes quicker and easier
Leverage an international team of experts

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Dive Deeper into CCS with On-Demand Webinars

Don Singer Senior Ecolab Microbiology Technical Consultant

Annex 1 The Final Version — Impact to Contamination Control with Cleaning, Disinfection and Decontamination


  • Don Singer, Senior Microbiology Technical Consultant, Ecolab

Madison Hoal, Global Technical Consultant, Ecolab & Dr Tim Sandle, Head of Microbiology, Bio Products Laboratory

Contamination Control Strategy For Cleaning and Disinfection — A Case Study


  • Madison Hoal, Global Technical Consultant, Ecolab
  • Dr. Tim Sandle, Head of Microbiology, Bio Products Laboratory