MAXX Dual Action Floor Cleaner (Bright Speed)

Dual-purpose alkaline floor cleaner for daily maintenance and scrub and recoat use. The clean, fresh scent is less disruptive for customers, residents and guests while ultra-low foaming technology increases auto scrubber productivity. Daily maintenance with MAXX Dual Action Floor Cleaner will optimize the look and performance of MAXX Durable Floor Finish.

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product information

Product Code Pack Size
6100429 6 - 64 oz
6100433 2 - 1.3 L
6100428 2.5 gal
6100659 2 - 2 L
6100776 2.5 gal
6100772 55 gal

Features and Benefits:

  • Dual Action Chemistry
    • Superior cleaning ability to amine or surfactant only floor cleaners
  • Ultra low foaming chemistry
    • Increases autoscrubber efficiency
  • Fresh Fragrance
    • Leaves a clean scent rather then a chemical odor


  • For daily cleaning and scrub and recoat use
  • For use on finished resilient and other natural and man-made floor types.