Aquanomic 2.0 Low-Temp Laundry Sour 

Brings linen to neutral pH – effective in a wide range of conditions and on all fabrics at low wash temperature. Enables great results with proven water and energy savings (up to 40%).
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product information

Product Code Pack Size
6101180 56.7 L

Features and Benefits:

  • Brings linen to neutral pH
  • Innovative Aquanomic laundry system delivers Clean, White and Soft linen results with up to 40% reduction in water usage and up to 50% reduction in energy usage
  • Preprogrammed Smart Wash Process reduces wash steps, water usage and water temperature – hard wired savings with every load Phosphate-free and NPE free – helps protect waterways and the environment


  • Use as part of the Aquanomic 2.0 liquids program in full service hotels
  • LCLS exclusively available with Aquanomic 2.0 - Refer to Ordering Guide for machine size guideline.

Effective On/Against:

  • For use with Low Temp Detergent and Low Temp Builder
  • Low temperature chemistry is specially formulated for superior performance at low wash temperatures, in a variety of water conditions and on all fabrics