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Deliver exceptional experiences across your campus with a higher level of clean.

At Ecolab, we partner with higher education institutions to help create healthy, inviting spaces that inspire confidence, and support the health of students and staff. We offer innovative products, holistic programs, and sustainable solutions to better help our partners meet their cleanliness goals and improve campus operations.

Featured Solution: Rapid Multi Surface Disinfectant Cleaner

Help improve cleaning efficiencies on your campus with the 4-in-1 cleaning and disinfecting solution for a variety of surface types.

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  • Maximizes cleaning efficiency with short kill times for common viruses
  • Helps reduce the spread of illness with EPA-registered hospital disinfectant
  • Helps support sustainability goals with biodegradable active ingredient
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Your Partner for Sustainable Solutions

Ecolab shares your commitment to sustainable and efficient solutions. We’re here to help you achieve your sustainability goals to better protect people and the planet.

  • Help meet your facility’s sustainability goals with science-based products that are eco-certified including Green Seal™, USDA Biobased and EPA Safer Choice.
  • Promote health and environmental safety with safe and sustainable operations that advance performance while achieving positive impacts on water and waste.
  • Reduce plastic and packaging waste with concentrated products that are easy to use and packaging that improves reuse and recyclability.

From cafeterias to dorms, classrooms and athletic facilities, we have solutions that meet your university’s needs.

Higher education facility floor plan schematic with corresponding numbered descriptions.

 1.  Floor Care
Surface Disinfectants and Cleaners
Pool and Spa
Odor Control
Water Safety
Pest Elimination
Hand Hygiene
Restroom Care
Food Safety and Kitchen Hygiene
On-Premise Laundry

Services We Provide:

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Ecolab Science Certified™ Program

Ecolab Science Certified is a comprehensive, science-based public health and food safety program designed to help give your students, faculty and staff confidence that your operations are committed to the most thorough cleaning and disinfecting practices.

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Ecolab Hand Hygiene

Good hand hygiene practices are critical to keeping students and staff happy and healthy. Visible hand hygiene solutions help inspire confidence and our holistic and science-based hand care approach helps our partners maintain safe and clean university spaces.

Expert Resources for Healthier Spaces

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The Ecolab Guide to Healthy Education Buildings

Creating healthier indoor environments is a key component to support the health and well-being of students, faculty and staff in colleges and universities. So what exactly is a “healthy building”? This guide will help explain how virus prevention starts at the building level and why maintaining healthy indoor spaces is a key differentiator to help attract and retain students and staff. 

Nexa™ Hand Care Customer Testimonial

See how Clemson University reached its sustainability goals and improved campus efficiency through its partnership with Ecolab and the Nexa™ Concentrates hand care program.

Tell Us About Your University’s Cleaning Needs

Protect and support healthy campuses
Advance your sustainability goals
Provide training and support
Implement efficient and effective university operations

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