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Water University:
Water Management Resources and Solutions

Water stewardship is an increasing concern for corporations that depend on water for production processes, cooling, heating and other business-critical functions. According to the United Nations, by 2030, demand for fresh water will exceed supply by up to 56%. Water University is a collaboration center where we help our customers navigate these challenges through innovation, science-based solutions and training.

Nalco Water University Training

Nalco Water aims to address the world’s water challenges through science-based solutions, digital technology, training and development.

A unique, high-tech learning environment, Water University is dedicated to developing customer and associate expertise related to water management. The facility includes a customer experience center, a hands-on training facility with a wet lab, an auditorium and digital collaboration spaces connected to the Ecolab Global Intelligence Center and ECOLAB3D™.

The facility is home to a large research center, which is a part of our global network of over 1,100 scientists, engineers and technical specialists. Our researchers help local and enterprise customers address complex water challenges so they can prioritize sustainability goals and their bottom line.

Sustainable Water Management

Addressing the world’s water challenges through science, technology, training and development.

Water University takes a comprehensive approach to water management and focuses on:

  • Delivering world-class expertise to enhance competencies
  • Ensuring compliance with regulations
  • Providing individual and team training
  • Assisting with sustainable knowledge transfer
  • Increasing knowledge of total water management solutions and best practices
  • Providing an understanding of how digital automation tools increase operating efficiency and support sustainability goals
Nalco Water University Training

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