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Water Safety Management

Water is not sterile. It can harbor bacteria such as Legionella, which can cause severe illness and even death. Recent outbreaks have taught us that Legionella is not specific to any geographic area and that no industry is immune from outbreaks.

As the global leader in water safety for more than 30 years, Nalco Water is uniquely qualified to design a water management plan and advise on water system safety to help you manage and reduce Legionella risk, all while operating responsibly and profitably.


Legionella in Water

Legionella is naturally present in surface water and can infiltrate municipal water supplies by surviving the water treatment process. It can also infiltrate our water systems due to water main failures or during construction projects, compromising water system safety. Once Legionella enters your facility, it can contaminate your cooling and potable water systems and eventually spread to faucets, showers, hot tubs and whirlpool spas. The use of these systems can create contaminated water droplets or mists that allow for bacteria inhalation into the lungs of potentially susceptible individuals who can become ill with legionellosis.

Do you know how much bacteria enter your facility every day?

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