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ultrafab H2S removal systems

UltraFab is the field-proven market leader in compact, modular and custom-engineered H2S mitigation systems. Together with Nalco Champion, we provide safe, turnkey H2S solutions that increase on-spec production and reduce your total cost of operation. UltraFab systems feature automation and process control to eliminate costly chemical over-treatment, improve safety and help meet regulatory specifications. We back our equipment with on-site commissioning and technical support onsite, worldwide. Our systems use proprietary technology that efficiently removes H2S down to your specified outlet concentration, including complete H2S removal (0 ppm outlet).


UltraFab systems are designed to work in harsh climate conditions from extreme heat to arctic-like cold.  UltraFab systems can also be designed for offshore use.  A small footprint and lightweight design are ideal for use on fixed or floating platforms and FPSOs.

Other advantages are:

  • Reliable, on-spec production: Automated monitoring and control ensures continual chemical optimization and ability to meet your spec
  • Safe operations: Field personnel do not come in contact with the chemical during regular operation and change-out procedures. No H2S or odorous chemical is vented or emitted from the closed process system.
  • Fast, easy installation: Small system footprint and self-contained design mean your H2S removal solution is quickly operational. Installation is simple and cost effective
UltraFab also offers training and service on all H2S removal systems.
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