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TECHNOLOGY is having the right products in the right places to drive compliance and operational efficiency.


INFORMATION is the gateway to actionable data used to optimize performance and change habits.
SERVICE is a hallmark of your partnership with us. Ecolab keeps hospital hours.
TRAINING is the way we elevate your staff's knowledge and expertise, from visual reminders to in-service, in-person training sessions for your staff.
Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring sYSTEM

Track compliance of individual healthcare workers to ensure safe interactions with patients.

Nexa dispensers
Best-in-Class Hand Hygiene Products

Ecolab offers a variety of hand hygiene products to meet your facility's needs.

FDA Final ruling on Healthcare Topical Antiseptics

On December 20, 2017 the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA published its final rule for healthcare topical antiseptic (antimicrobial hand care) products including the active ingredient Triclosan.

Compliance Monitoring Brochure
Compliance monitoring system Brochure
Hand Hygiene Program brochure
Hand Hygiene Program brochure