Request Ebook Strategies for Optimizing Reimbursement

Strategies for Optimizing Value-Based Reimbursement

Value-based reimbursement is taking hold in the U.S. healthcare market - it's just coming slower and more incrementally than originally envisioned. This e-book provides four ideas for hospitals looking to use this transition period to improve their ratings and, potentially, optimize reimbursement. The four ideas - which center on readmission rates, timeliness of care in the ER and patient experience - are all based on published criteria from CMS.

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Leveraging Analytics in Healthcare

Leverage Analytics to Improve Clinical & Economic Outcomes

Data that previously offered little strategic or measurable value is now being converted into actionable information. This 5-minute executive brief explores some simple ways to accelerate the adoption of analytics into healthcare. This brief also shares how Ecolab has been working with a small number of hospitals and health systems to help deploy the power of predictive and prescriptive analytics.

Hospital Profitability ebook

Hidden Factors That Impact Hospital Profitability

Learn how to quickly improve your hospital or health system's margins through comprehensive, everyday practices that also deliver measurable improvements in clinical outcomes

Three Key Workflows & Technology Tips to Track & Eliminate C. diff

Three Key Workflows & Technology Tips to Track & Eliminate C. diff

Transform the way your hospital assesses, communicates, tracks and reports C. diff and other HAIs to drive and sustain better patient outcomes and increase compliance. This article provides insightful technology tips and guidance about how to implement these workflows into your hospital program.

Joint Commission Hand Hygiene

Joint Commission Intensifying Hand Hygiene Scrutiny

With the strict hand hygiene policy change issued by the Joint Commission - immediate citations will be issued for any single instance of a healthcare worker's non-compliance during patient interaction. Learn ways Ecolab is willing to help you change hand hygiene behavior and help ensure your facility's compliance with Joint Commission standards.

Risk Sharing Model

5 Steps for Building a Profitable Risk-Sharing Model

Why hold only yourself accountable for results? Your reimbursement levels depend more and more on measurable outcomes. This tip sheet offers five critical steps to building a profitable model with a focus on economic and clinical outcomes.
OR Efficiency

Looking for Ideas to Gain Efficiencies in Your O.R.?

This tip sheet explores five ideas to help improve margin and operational efficiency in the O.R. It also provides a few ideas of what to measure to help improve patient outcomes, and cleaning best practices and efficiency.

Insights for Surgical and OR Management

Insights for Surgical and OR Management

Our industry is seeing dramatic shifts in the way hospitals, teams and C-level executives understand and approach OR cleanliness. Hospital surgical managers and OR directors are being pressed to find new approaches to some of the toughest problems, including SSIs. Ecolab has identified five of the industry's top internal challenges within hospitals and paired them with insights to help address and strengthen the OR programs within your hospital.
Infection Prevention Strategies

Integrated Approach to Infection Prevention


Your internal teams do their best to make sure each member knows their role and responsibility - but do they know the impact their department has on the entire hospital? Your hospital can develop an integrated approach to better infection prevention practices that includes three vital elements: breaking down barriers between departments, focusing on contaminated surfaces and unleashing the power of predictive analytics.

OR Efficiency

Solving the EVS Turnover Issue


Some hospitals are taking a simple approach to elevating EVS to a fulfilling career:  give teams enhanced training to help develop long-lasting careers. This infographic shares some ideas for achieving that goal.

Solving the Central Sterile Turnover Issue

Solving the Central Sterile Department Turnover Issue


High team turnover rates can lead to performance issues that affect instrument sterility assurance, patient safety, on-time surgical starts, and ultimately, the bottom line. While there are a variety of long-term strategies to improve job satisfaction, some hospitals are taking a simple approach: give Central Sterile teams enhanced training to develop long-lasting careers. This infographic provides some ideas for accomplishing that goal.