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Synergex is a U.S. EPA Registered No. 1677-250 mixed peracid-based sanitizer and disinfectant. This patented powerful antimicrobial agent helps protect against many pathogenic and environmental microorganisms as well as bacteriophage, broad yeast and mold in a number of sanitizing applications.


  • Chemical concentration can be monitored real-time decreasing dependence on manual titrations
  • Enhances food safety when used in a total Ecolab program, with kill against pathogenic organisms (See directions for use for list of organisms)
  • Effective against environmental microorganisms that can adversely affect product quality
  • Use solutions non-corrosive to 304, 316, and 410 stainless steel surfaces when used at recommended concentrations
  • Compatible with most plastic and rubber materials used in processing operations
  • Convenient to use — provides acidified rinse and sanitizer in one step — no post-rinse required
  • Useful for CIP, spray, and soak sanitizing applications, and can be used in foam sanitizing applications with a foam additive
  • Helps improve worker safety — reduced employee exposure to concentrated product, through unique drum packaging closure
  • Leaves stainless steel surfaces free from mineral deposits — low pH use solution aids in mineral, hard-water and milk soil removal
  • Improved productivity as improved mineral solubility helps reduce frequency of acid washes and labor needs
  • Enables reduced water consumption for CIP programs with a rinse post-sanitizer
  • Active ingredients rapidly break down after use into water, oxygen, acetic acid, and octanoic acid
  • Non phosphorus formulation helps minimize phosphate-related effluent fees
  • Convenient to use — provides acidified rinse and sanitizer in one step — no post rinse required
  • Helps improve employee safety by reducing total volatiles and oxidizer in the air compared to peroxyacetic acid and traditional mixed peracid sanitizers