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Produce Processing Antimicrobial Treatment

Our Tsunami™ Oxidizing Agent Program provides the quickest route to the cleanest produce. Improve product quality, drive efficiency and reduce water usage when you implement the Tsunami Program.

Tsunami™ 100 is an EPA registered antimicrobial water additive that reduces pathogens in process wash water. OMRI certified for organic production in all major processing steps. Tsunami™ 200 helps reduce microbial contamination on processed produce surfaces and is designed for use in flume and washing operations only. It substantially reduces yeast, mold and bacteria on surfaces.


In the produce business, food safety is your first priority. Tsunami™ products are specially formulated for the flume systems in fruit and vegetable processing plants, providing a kill of a variety of species.

Produce & wash water processing results

Improving Finished Product Quality with Tsunami 100 Process Wash Water
Improving FInished Product Quality with Tsunami 200

Learn how a western food processor reduced yeast and mold spoilage organisms of its further processed onions by using Tsunami™ 200.

Extending Shelf Life with Tsunami 100 Process Wash Water
Extending Shelf Life with Tsunami 100

Learn how a southern fresh-cut processor extended shelf-life on fresh-cut greens by using Tsunami™ 100 in their flume waters.

Eliminating Excessive Odor with Tsunami 100 Process Wash Water
Eliminating excessive odor with tsunami 100

Learn how a midwest potato processor eliminated excessive odor and reduced microbiological contamination during the manufacturing process by using Tsunami™ 100 in the sorter flume.

Reducing Microbial Risk with Tsunami 100
reducing microbial risk with tsunami 100

Learn how a frozen strawberry producer reduced microbial risk by using Tsunami™ 100 as an antimicrobial intervention.