Home-Style Solid Laundry Detergent

An enzymatic Home-Style Solid Laundry Detergent that is ideal for Small Load Laundry Machines less than 25 lb. Detergent has surfactants, enzymes, water conditioners, and optical brightener to help power out the toughest soils such as food soils, body soils and fluids from colored and white linen. Anti-redeposition agents ensure that soils go down the drain and not back on to the linens.  Mild alkalinity is safe for personals and home-style washers.
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Product Information

Product Code Pack Size
6101659 4-3 lbs.
  • Deliver best-in-class stain removal against most common soils and stains at all wash temperatures.
  • Helps eliminate malodor in first wash and retains freshness in linens.
  • Solid program significantly reduces access to product and is safe for users.
  • Controlled dispensing with a simple Push Button helps reduce product over-consumption and waste.
  • Mild chemistry is gentle on linen and safe-to-use in Home-Style washers.
  • Dye-free, phosphorus and NPE/APE free formulation is more sustainable and ensures an acceptable product for Environmentally Sustainable Certifications
  • Safe to use on colored and white linen


  • For use in Home-Style Washers

Effective On:

  • Effective on a wide variety of soils and stains such as food soils, body soils and fluids.