Advanced Antibacterial Clean & Smooth

High-quality lotion soap with a light floral scent. This powerful but gentle formula contains benzalkonium chloride, making it effective against bacteria that can cause illness while offering a pleasant experience for employees and guests. 

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product information

Product Code Pack Size
6101421 6 - 750 ml
6101420 4 - 1250 ml
6101419 4 - 1 gal

Features and Benefits:

  • Formulated with 0.5% benzalkonium chloride to kill microorganisms which can cause illness and comply with FDA regulation
  • Contains moisturizers and emollients to promote skin health
  • Sulfate and paraben free to help prevent skin irritation
  • Product is biodegradable as used


  • Kills bacteria on hands to help reduce food safety risks & prevent the spread of infection
  • Helps remove common food soils and food odors from hands
  • Great for kitchens as well as public and employee restrooms and hand wash areas

Effective on/Against:

Common foodborne bacteria including E. Coli, Salmonella and Listeria. See PSD for details.