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FreeFlow Products

To ease the burden of unloading coal during the winter months, full body feed freeze conditioning agents are used. These products work by depressing the freeze point and weakening the ice crystals that form between coal particles so that the material is easily broken up during routine handling. Our body feed products, FreeFlow FC-100 (CaCl based) and FreeFlow FC-200 (glycerin based) both offer superior performance at reduced application rates.

The key component of both products is the addition of our proprietary additive, SurfaceBond.  While coal appears very hard and solid, it is actually quite porous.  These pores tend to wick in or absorb moisture.  Freeze conditioning agents can only be effective when they coat coal particles–any material that is absorbed into the internal surfaces is essentially ineffective.  SurfaceBond fights absorption and allows our FreeFlow body feed products to offer improved results at reduced application rates.